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Gage Pattern & Model, Inc.

Gage Pattern & Model Inc. provides quality products, competitive pricing and timely shipping that meets customer expectations.

To achieve these objectives, GPM is committed to maintaining an ISO 9001-based quality management system. Use of this system is intended to promote continual improvement of GPM processes and to insure customer satisfaction.

We’ll never relax our quality standards. We’ll meet & exceed customers’ expectations. That’s our answer to competition.




44,000 Square feet (total of 4 buildings)


  • Design
  • CMM Inspection
  • Part Studies
  • Build Source
Plant 1
32070 Townley
Madison Heights MI 48071
248-585-2476 Main
248-585-9234 Fax
248-585-9357 Accounting Fax
Plant 2
32341 Edward
Madison Heights MI 48071
248-585-9352 Main
248-585-9354 Fax
Plant 3
32082 Townley
Madison Heights MI 48071
Plant 4
32380 Edward
Madison Heights MI 48071